Association Management

Individual property owners benefit from a high-caliber HOA management team.

Over 50 million people live in housing developments that are governed by housing associations – the quality of management and the degree of responsiveness from management are among the traits most desired by residents.

Individual property owners benefit from a high-caliber HOA management team that works in coordination with the Board of Directors and serves the needs of individual owners and residents.

Susquehanna Realty Management LLC (SRM) is uniquely positioned to serve each customer group (residents, owners and the board of directors) well.

Association Management Services Include:

  • Collection, deposit, and record-keeping of assessments
  • Assessment of late charges and delinquency follow through
  • Timely payment of property bills ensuring that no unnecessary late fees are incurred as funds are available
  • Preparation and distribution of financial reports (online reporting available)
  • Cash or accrual accounting methods available
  • Preparation of annual operating and reserve budgets available
  • Contract negotiations and competitive bids for property services, contract and service oversight
  • Enforcement of community rules and regulations
  • Homeowner relations – SRM handles all calls for maintenance/homeowner requests or issues and assures that concerns are addressed in a timely manner
  • 24 hour emergency answering service maintained
  • Regular community visits
  • Attendance at community and/or Board meetings

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    “I would recommend Susquehanna Realty Management LLC to anyone in need of property management services. I cannot say enough in regards to the level of professionalism that their dedicated personnel have exuded while working with our community. They are readily available day or night and have gone above and beyond to resolve the HOA's problematic issues.”

    — Amber Kaylor, Board Member

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