About Us

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Susquehanna Realty Management LLC, (SRM) was formed in 2005 by seasoned industry expert Angela R. White. She founded SRM upon the principles of providing referral-worthy management services and offering flexible, highly customized solutions to property owners.

Our Mission

Susquehanna Realty Management LLC’s mission is providing residential property management services of the highest-caliber.

Our Vision

To serve as the preferred provider of property owners seeking professional management services in the Susquehanna Valley.

Our Work Practices

We manage properties as if we owned them and provide outstanding customer service to our residents as if we were the occupant. We are hands on in our work-style and responsive.

Why Consider Us?

At Susquehanna Realty Management LLC (SRM) we recognize that each property owner has unique business challenges related to their expected outcomes and individual investments. We help each owner customize a series of solutions that help him or her achieve the results desired.

Whether you desire management of a single property and only need occasional leasing services or you are the owner of several multifamily communities who wants a full-range of management services, SRM will get you the results you desire.

Our portfolio has included multi-family, student housing, low income housing tax credits, housing for the elderly and single family homes.

As professionals, we continually stay on top of trends and place a strong emphasis internally related to ongoing education.

“You do a great job! I am so happy we found SRM I have been completely satisfied with your services. I only wish we had more rental properties that SRM could manage for us. Your attention to finding new tenants when needed is especially noteworthy in its success and thoroughness.”

— Flemish Down, LLC

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