Property Management Services

High-yield results through sound business practices and responsive solutions.

With offices in both Lancaster and Harrisburg, Susquehanna Realty Management LLC (SRM) delivers high-yield results through sound business practices, responsive solutions and expert hands-on management.

We employ a seasoned team of professionals who offer property owners a robust return on their investment properties by maximizing cash flow and minimizing expenses, while carefully preserving the asset.

Property owners are provided with a wide variety of options (from full-service management to select services) allowing each owner the ability to determine a suite of services customized to individual preferences, needs, and budget.

We have developed a strong network of vendors and suppliers within each county providing you with extra savings; however you always have the opportunity to select your preferred vendors in or out of network.

Property Management Services Include:

  • Collection, deposit, and record-keeping of monthly rent
  • Assessment of late charges and collections
  • SRM handles all legal proceedings related to hearings on unpaid rent and unit repossessions at the District Justice level
  • Timely payment of property bills ensuring that no unnecessary late fees are incurred as funds are available
  • Financial reports (reports are available 24/7 online)
  • Cash or accrual accounting methods available
  • Preparation of annual operating budget available
  • Contract negotiations and competitive bids for property services
  • Enforcement of lease and community rules and regulations
  • Resident relations - SRM handles all calls for maintenance/resident issues and assures that concerns are addressed in a timely manner
  • 24 hour emergency answering service maintained
  • Regular property visits which include interior unit inspections
  • Lease renewals - includes resident negotiations, any increases in rent, and an update of lease and/or rules and regulations
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Disbursements (sent to owners monthly or as requested, electronic disbursements available)
  • Discounted leasing services

Benefits of Complete Property Care:

  • Peace of mind
  • Privacy
  • Freedom (we handle all calls and a myriad of details to provide you with greater freedom)
  • Compliance (because SRM maintains records of all financial information, details resident files and conducts business in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws)
  • Preserves your assets (we oversee repairs as needed/approved and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule)
  • Best value (because SRM has developed extensive resources, we know who to call - proven vendors who get the job done in a timely manner and done right the first time, saving you money)
  • Quality (we care greatly about maintaining a referral-worthy reputation. By selecting SRM your assets will be professionally maintained and receive a healthy ROI)

We seek to be referral-worthy in all of our endeavors: maximizing income, minimizing expenses, preserving your asset and providing customer service of the highest caliber to residents and owners.

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